Spring Break… Is Over :(

DirtyJ Daily life of DirtyJ

Well, spring break has ended and now comes all of the homework that I procrastinated doing until this morning and the many many tests I’m going to have tomorrow, so yay! In more exciting news, a new episode of The J Show is currently in the editing phase, this is going to be one of the weirdest episodes yet, mostly …

Spring Break :3c

DirtyJ Daily life of DirtyJ

So, spring break is here… That means that I have more time to do things like: A new episode of the J Show Take J Show requests (like singing things) code things So send me your suggestions using the box on the homepage!

Dirty J Reviews Things

DirtyJ Daily life of DirtyJ, Dirty J's Reviews

Want me to play a game, test out some software, or just hear my opinion about things? Well you’re in luck! I am now going to start a review series with the tag “Dirty J’s Reviews” where I will be reviewing things that you request, feel free to leave a suggestion on the homepage.